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If you love the original Warheads candy then you will love the medicated version, the Wowheads.
These are the soft gummy version. Cute little sour cubes that turn sweet AND get you high!

Do you love INSANELY sour treats? Do you also love THC? Then you’ll love these sour twist soft candy Wowheads medicated cubes.

First they are SUPER sour, then they’re, sweet. Oh and they’re also medicated with some of our most premium cannabis oil.

Each pack of these soft gummy cubes of medicated Sour Twists Wowheads packs contains a total of 500mg of THC.

Be sure to dose properly according to your experience – we know it’s easy to pop more and more of these delicious treats, but you’ll want to be sure to medicate responsibly. Start with a low dose and then increase your dosage with more experience.


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